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Our Church


Our Church is located at the Southern Part of Mindanao Philippines. This one of the area where foreigners are afraid to come for the reason of what they have heard from the news that Southern Mindanao is a critical area for foreigners and missionary.


The Southern of Mindanao particularly Maguindanao, Zamboanga, Basilan ang Sulo are the areas where the most restricted areas. South Cotabato and Davao provinces are not so.


Our Church is in the small town of Sto. Niņo a town established 26 years ago. It is in the upper valley in which is known as the biggest rice agriculturist in Mindanao. It has two big dumpsites that irrigate the rice field.  


The people of Southern Mindanao are mixed in tribal descends, but majority is Hilongo a people from Iloilo and the second is Cebuano from Cebu, all are visayan.  However, there are some from Luzon. The Tribal descendant is T'iboli Tribe.