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The Accomplishments of our Ministry

February 2005


God is great! He is doing something through us, He cannot accomplish something he wants to happen which is only human could do - the thing that is entrusted to us. If we are available for Him then He can accomplish something through us. 


Finally in the month of February 2005 we were able to transfer to our new Parsonage, though during that time the Parsonage was not yet finished we have our first night in February 1 where we slept without closed doors.

 Now this parsonage is almost finished. Pray with us that all the needs be supplied so we could finish the ceiling, division and the bath room including the finishing of the wall.


We only have 1 that was baptized this month of February, there were supposed to be four to be baptized but the three would like be on Summer. We are also going to baptize more than twenty people in the T'boli Church on April with the dedication of children. 


The T'boli Church needs our prayers. The heads of their tribe came to us and asked some help especially the medicines like pain relievers, for skin disease and vitamins.  



We have a crusade last February 12, in the city and it was a successful one. Praise the Lord for the effort of the team.


Quarterly we plan to have a retreat with the youth, this is the first time having the retreat with some of the youth in our church.


We will have again a Bible School on June. In regard of this we need your prayers and donations for the Bible School.  Many of the T'boli brethren desire to study in the Bible School, but they need sponsors for their needs. 

This Bible School is a basic training for church planting. There are several areas in the T'boli Tribe on the mountains that have no church, the most effective worker is also a T'boli. So we will train those who have the call and send them to plant churches.

This Bible School will have only a class every last week of the month beginning June 2005 to April 2006 . The T'boli students have no money. So we just offer them free foods and fare back and forth during classes. This is just only by faith.  So please pray with us.

Thank you for your prayers.


In Christ,

Pastor Alberto Rendon