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New Life Christian Church
Poblacion, Sto. Niño, South Cotabato
Our Mission: Is To Love, To Mend, To Teach and To Send



Dear Sir/Madam,

Greetings to you in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ from Southern Mindanao Philippines!

I am Pastor Alberto Rendon, a Pastor of small independent congregation and ministry here in Southern Mindanao Philippines. I am writing to you regarding our ministry projects that we are now having a fund raising to accomplish the vision God has put in my heart. In February 2006 I attended the Franklin Graham Crusade in Manila Philippines and I have seen  of thousands of people came to Christ for salvation. And when I got home, I encouraged my congregation to support a crusade and in April 07, 2006 we did a small one night crusade that resulted of almost a hundred people come to Christ for salvation. We have rented the equipments from the other churches to do the crusade. We did have electric guitars, amplifiers, LCD projector and a CD player.  At the beginning of the crusade we showed a film through CD and projected by LCD projector to gather the people. After the one hour of the show people were gathered and our young people begun to sing a few songs that attracted mostly the unbelieving young people. Today some of those have become members in our church and the others have joined in the other churches in our town.

That is why, we are having these projects because we are encouraged to do another crusades as we have seen people are thirsty of the gospel. We are envision to do crusades to different places where we have churches, and in the targeted areas where churches to be planted and even in our church place.  In regard of this vision, we only have a hallow guitar, a drum set and small amplifier that is good only for indoor as in a small church building. Some of my young people are good singers and guitar players. My small congregation cannot afford for the loud and good amplifiers, LCD projector, lead and base guitars and a four wheel truck to carry the equipments. We did pray to God for wisdom to have these needs and we felt the leading of the Holy Spirit to raise funds and solicit from among God’s people like you who have the same vision. As we understand in the Bible donations and sponsorship is God’s way to accomplish the ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ. And we hope you will be a part of it. However, we are very much appreciative of any donation, whether it be a partial sponsorship or one time donation. There are also many other ways in which you can help us raise funds by introducing our needs to your co-workers and friends. The cost we need for electric guitars is US $200, amplifiers is US $ 1000, LCD US $ 800 and a four wheel tract US $ 5000.   Any amount you can share will have a great part in saving souls of our fellow country men. Please help us accomplish our vision.

Thanks for your time in reading my letter and I hope to hear from you soon!


In God's Service,


Pastor Alberto J. Rendon

New Life Christian Church

Poblacion, Sto. Niño

9509 South Cotabato




P.S. I have attached here our photos, my family at the front of our church building, my congregation of course the congregation of God in which I am responsible to take care and the photos of our crusade in April 2006.