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Monthly News
February, 2003

  Mindanao Christian Ministries
  Poblacion, Sto. Niño, South Cotabato
  Philippines 9509

The Only One Pastor's Service

This month is a very busy month. The Lord is really good, we believe on His word as He said, He is the Jehovah Jireh. God has many ways that sometimes we do not know how He works to supply our needs. However, we musk do our parts. As we are doing our parts in His work He will do also His part to provide the needs.

With the 6 Disciples now in our church doing; evangelism, follow-up and cell group services, our only one Pastor's Model 1969 B1 Kawasaki motorcycle with side car almost retired, the side wheel bearings need replacement and the tires are also no spike anymore. God is an awsome God! He supplied some of the needs for repair. Because this Motorcycle is as 34 years old, gradually we are able to replace some of the spare parts.

This Motorcycle is very useful in the Ministry of the Lord. This is the one that we use for bringing people to come to the Bible Studies, Cell Group Services , evangelism/crusades and outreaches as well as Sunday Services. We are still trusting the Lord for the Brand New One Motorcycle and a Multicab, join with us in praying these needs.

The only one Service 
with the Family of Pastor Rendon with two young people

Needs some repair

Our Church Building

Praise the Lord for the way He supplied the needs of our church building. This week, the window and Door Grills have been Finished. We are now starting the flooring. We are out of budget now, but we believe that what God has started to supply He will continue to supply the rest. On March 29, we will be having a wedding ceremony in this new building and on March 30, is our First Sunday Service in this Building

Ready For Roofing

Roof to be finished

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