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 Mindanao Christian Ministries - Philippines is an Interdenominational Ministries based  in the Southern Philippines where Mindanao is the Jerusalem, our nation is the Samaria and the whole world as the other part of the world.

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                Pastor Alberto Rendon

       Pastor Alberto Rendon was born in Aloja Batuan Bohol - Philippines. He was raised from the poor family with 12 brothers and sisters. He is the eldest, and because they were very poor he was not able to finish his studies in the secular. In 1985 a group of Young People from One Way Outreach Philippines have conducted an outreach in their village, he was invited to attend for the first time.

Let us hear His testimony:

My Personal Testimony

             At age 17 I went to Manila in Luzon Philippines to find a Job to help my parents support the needs of my 9 brothers and sisters (they were 9 yet that time). Because I have not finished my studies in high school, I cannot find a good job and a good salary. I was only accepted being a vendor of what we called (Puto and Kutsenta) "Rice Cake". Then at that age, very far from my parents I was involved in many vices in life like other young people today. I was not able to earn money to help my Parents meet the needs of my brothers and sisters.

             I believe God called me for the ministry, during that time, there was no illegal drugs yet that I knew, but then I begun using the Marijuana leaves with my friends who forced me to use at the first time. God is really a God who knows the best for his chosen people, He never allowed me to continue that kind of living, He has a very good purpose and calling in my life. Before I would become addicted with Marijuana, He caused me to have an accident and the bone of my right foot was twisted. I cannot go on with my job. Then my parents sent money for my fare going home.

             In our place in Bohol, there was already a new group of young people with their pastor who were having an outreach. The first converted were my friends, cousins and the whole family of my Aunt. I got angry to them because they were always inviting my mother to attend in their Bible Study and it caused quarrel with my Father. However, my friends and cousins were praying for me. They wanted me to be one of them, they knew that, when I become converted I am very useful for the Ministry because of my influence. In our village, I was known as a bright child. I have not entered yet in grade one, I knew already how to write letters. During the elementary, I always got the first place and one thing that amazed the people there, was the making of (amakan or Kalakat) bamboo mat for the wall of our house at age of twelve. I am the first who made a design of making kalakat which now a very popular house wall in Visayas and Mindanao. In fact, when I stopped schooling, the principal or head teacher in the school approached my Father many times to let me continue my studies and he is responsible for all expenses. It was my father who let me stopped my study to help him in a work for our family. I cried in front of the head teacher and my father, but nothing happened the decision of my father was closed.

              It was March 1985 when I came home from Manila. My right foot and my leg were bonded with cement. Then, on May that same year I was able to walk again. And on August, my best friend courted my cousin who was a member of One Way Outreach, my friend was invited to attend in their Bible Study and my friend also invited me. So I went with him and experienced the warm welcome of their pastor and the young people. I enjoyed being with them but I never understand what the pastor was teaching, my spiritual eyes and ears were closed, I was a natural man cannot understand the spiritual matters(1 Cor 2:14 ). I went twice to their Bible Study. It was then that my cousin gave me a very old Bible, which has no cover at all, I brought home that Bible and read it every night even during a day when I have time. It was the time the Holy Spirit has ministered to me, I understand and enjoyed reading the Bible tell I meet personally the Lord Jesus Christ. I begun to pray and called God the Father, I felt in my spirit the care of the loving God. Then I joined in their Sunday service.

       Two months later I was not yet water baptized, the Pastor appointed me to preach in a prayer meeting, it was my first time preaching and I wonder why I am the first one assigned to preach while many Young People ahead of me for a long time? But the Pastor said, "you can preach now." On January 1986, there was a youth rally in Tubigon Bohol. I won the first place of the preaching contest. That was I believe God called me to preach. The contestants in that preaching contest were the young people who were very experienced in preaching than me. They have always entered many times in preaching contest while it was my first time. In that youth rally, I was baptized in water January 28, 1986.

             In May 1986, I supposed to get married with a young girl at age of 15. Every thing was arranged and the wedding ceremony would be October 4, the same year. But during those months before the wedding, a difficult problem arose. I believe it was God, who allowed this to happen, He has not yet finished His purpose in me. He wanted me for more training, and beside the girl that I supposed to get married was not a Christian. She has a Christian Religion name but pagan in practice, like me before I was converted. Because of that problem I went to Mindanao for a journey that I do not know where I would go. Then in a ship going to Cagayan de Oro City I meet my friends who were going to Bukidnon province, then I decided to go with them. And in Saint Peter, Malaybalay, Bukidnon there I joined in the Anchor Bay Church. In 1987, I went to the Bible School in Kabacan North Cotabato where I meet my wife. Isabel was my classmate. We were graduated on 1990 and got married on 1991.

             After our graduation, I was assigned in Davao del Norte within 3 years (1990-1993) in 1991 we got married. Before the delivery of our first Son, we rested from pastoring for six months. When we returned to the Ministry, we are assigned in our present place in 1993 under the umbrella of New Life Ministries, Inc. Here we worked till 1998. And when the New Life Ministries allowed us to have independent ministry through (Micro and Macro system). We formed a ministry that could minister throughout the region of Mindanao first as our Jerusalem, and the whole Philippines as our Samaria then everywhere world wide as the other part of the world as the Lord will lead us through our capability.

              We are just beginning this ministry, we are still small in capacity yet God is our God, who is big enough to help us. I believe that from time to time God will use people for His mission. If God touched you to be partners in reaching the unreached, God is using you in this present time. The works lead on us, we cannot accomplish alone. We need partners to help us preach the good news especially in our region where many pagan people and religious but not righteous people who need the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. If you want to share something for reaching people, please let us know through emails and regular mail in the addresses provided. Thanks so much and God bless' you.

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