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Our Nation Philippines

The Philippines has nearly 80 Milliom population and is called the only Christian Country in Asia because of the Roman Catholic that penetrated the country within 5 Centuries.

However, its only a name. True Christianity is not seen in the majority of the people in this country. Only 15% only are believe to be the true Christian. And it is sad to say that only 2% of the Christians involved in Active Evangelism. WHY?

Reasons why?

1. Because of lack of Vision:
    Few Converts, Few Disciples, Few Workers and Few Churches being planted.

2. Lack of Resources:
    The Philippines is considered the Third World Country. Most Christians here are indigenous, only 12% are the first and the second Class(Not Indigenous).

In our Town there is more than 40 thousand People. We believe there is only 1000 born again believers out of it only the Pastors and few members doing evangelism.

What we do

We put a goal that every member will bring one member every year. We give ever member 5 copies of basic teaching materials for salvation and Christian maturity with the application for Bibles to be given to their friends.

Every one who applied for Bible is the one who is interested and must be followed-up. Then we will form a home cell group in his area. When there are more converts we believe some will decide to go to Bible School and some would be in the Discipleship training.

Church Planting

Since September 27, 2003

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Pastor Alberto & Isabel Rendon
New Life Christian Church
Purok Tagumpay, San Isidro, Sto. Niņo
South Cotabato - Philippines 9509
E-mail: MCM