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"Bringing the Light of the Gospel to all"

Mindanao is our Judea, Our Nation is our Samaria and the whole world as the other parts of the Earth.


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          Mindanao is the Southern Part of the Philippines. This Island is populated by so many kinds of Tribal People than the other parts of this nation. Muslim people populate almost half of this Island. And the rest is populated by many kinds of Tribes that are mostly Pagan People, especially those who live in the Rural Areas. Most of those who live in the center of the Towns and Cities are the People came from Luzon and Visayas Regions.

Sunday Worship Service

Map of whole Mindanao

One of the Tribal Groups

The Third Class World

Our focus is specialized to the indigenous people in the world who need help spiritually, mentally, physically, materially and financially. We believe that the best for them is yet to come. God has a people in every decade after decade, year after year, century after century and to the millennium who become the instruments of God to fulfill His mission of reaching people with His LOVE. We and you are one of them to touch the world with the Love of God. We hope that you will be a part of this ministry.

Important Thing To Remember

Our world is changing every day yet many churches are losing touch with this world. When unsaved conclude that Christianity is not relevant to their lives, many Christians simply sidestep the issue by suggesting that they are unresponsive to the Gospel. It is not true to all people, in fact many happily accepted the Gospel in our presentations everywhere.


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