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Sponsor the works

The work of the Lord sometimes is pending or have a little time because of the lack of resources especially here in the third world country.

Jesus said, "...The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few;..."

Have you found out why labourers are few? Look for the present reasons in our country why few are the preachers:

1. Becuase of economically down. Preachers are lack of training and lack of financial support. The children of the preachers and the other young people would not gain interest to become preachers as they know and saw that preachers are suffering of poverty.

2. Because of persecution. This is not so much. But let us consider in the country who have so many terosists, like what happened in the southern Mindanao. Many missionaries who are afraid to go and preach because of fear. Just only few who take a sacrifice for the sake of the Gospel and they are the one who need support.

Sponsor the works:

(1) - 10,000 Pesos (200 US$) a month for monthly crusade.
(2) - 10,000 Pesos (200 US$) monthly for Radio Program.
(3) - 5,000 Pesos (100 US$) for each (of 22 at present) National             Missionaries.
(4) - 25,000 Pesos (500 US$) for small Church Building.
(5) - 20,000 Pesos (400 US$) monthly for indigenous feeding Program.
(6) - Currently, we need 100 Bibles and used clothings for the Tribal         People.

These little amounts will save thousands of Souls. Please do not hesitate to share your wealth for the precious Souls.

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